Is It Chocolate Season Yet?

Cacao seeds are harvested twice a year in June and December, fermented and then roasted to make chocolate. Although chocolate is not locally grown in North Carolina, in my kitchen organic fair trade chocolate qualifies as a year round essential for my pantry.

When celebrations and special occasions require luxurious food to heighten the event, dark chocolate is an ingredient that has little competition for fulfilling the requirement for celebration. The rich, smooth, smoky, flavor of dark chocolate goes a long way to add excitement and warmth to any celebration.

Recently I had the occasion to celebrate a grand life achievement for one of my sons and I remembered he liked a dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache icing made by Whole Foods. Normally I would make a cake myself, but I honestly do not believe I could make this cake better!

Since I had some extra time to research which celebratory beverage would compliment this gorgeous dark chocolate ganache cake I called up The Wine Feed to ask for a suggestion. The Wine Feed suggested a red wine to serve with this yummy cake. My thoughts reeled just a little, as I had not really thought about serving a red wine with chocolate for dessert. I had considered champagne or a rosé or a dessert wine but not a red wine.

I love pleasant surprises and I really enjoy amazing gifts produced by people with the help of Mother Nature. The Barista 2009 Pinotage from South Africa suggested by The Wine Feed was a gift of pure enjoyment. This red wine with subtle coffee and chocolate aromas and undertones of mulberry, plums and cherries was excellent and took the dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache icing to a whole new level of celebration.

You really have to try this combination for your next celebration. Celebrate Friday night or anything – celebrate being alive! This will be a wine and dessert combination that will make you glad you are alive!